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Samudra Collection: Serene Merino Wool + Silk Shawls - Transport Yourself to Tranquility | Unisex, Print Only"

Our printed shawls feature a serene design that will transport you to the middle of the sea. Meraki's shawl wraps will help you leave behind the stresses of the day and embrace a sense of tranquility. Made with the finest materials, these shawls for wedding guests are the perfect way to reflect your gratefulness to the ones who witness your special day.

Shawls for Men & Women

Product Details:

  • Made of 85% Merino Wool + 15% Silk  
  • Unisex shawl
  • Print Only - Merino Shawl
  • Shawl Measurements 78.5”L x 25.5”W
  • Crafted in India by artisans honoring the foundations of generations of textile creation
  • Designed By Meraki Unlimited

Collection - Samudra

Alone in the middle of the sea, on your favorite boat, and holding onto the fishing instruments. The serene atmosphere and the calmness of the sea around definitely waivers any stress on your mind.

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