Darling Spring

Item Description

Previously known as Duxbury Saltworks’ Classic Sea Salt, Salterie Culinary Salt is hand-harvested from the pristine waters of Duxbury Bay in Massachusetts. Slowly simmered pure seawater is first filtered naturally by oysters and then by Salterie in a special process that yields light, fluffy flakes that are easy to pinch and melt delightfully on your tongue.

This artisan sea salt has a bright, fresh taste and a clean finish. It is the perfect enhancement to any meal. Salterie Culinary Salt is loved by both chefs and amateurs alike because it provides a taste no other sea salt can match.

Salterie works incredibly hard on creating a slow and sustainable process. From harvesting to packaging, no detail has been left untouched. This Sea Salt is packaged in a cork top glass jar with a spoon. It's a sustainable, hand-made product that is beautiful on your counter and table! 

You’ll love placing this sustainable salt on the dinner table as you gather around for a meal at the end of a long day. You’ll enjoy sharing the story behind this salt, the incredible process, and the noteworthy taste difference. Ready to delight your dinner guests?

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