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Save money with this bundle!

Four salt bar hand soaps tied with rustic twine to a Spanish cedar soap deck.

Our “Salt of the Earth” collection showcases the beauty of Mother Earth by using only clays and plants for colorants and scents. No artificial anything!

We’ve added pink Himalayan salt to these soaps to make them extra hard and long-lasting. The clays we use originate in France (green, yellow, and rose), Brazil (purple), Serbia (blue), and Georgia (white). We’ve come up with pure essential oil blends to match the color of the clay.

Colors/ essential oils:

  • Pink: grapefruit + litsea cubeba + patchouli

  • Purple: lavender + mint

  • Yellow: orange + litsea cubeba + patchouli

  • Green: anise + peppermint

  • White: unscented

  • Blue: eucalyptus + mint

Bundled soaps selected at random, unless specified.

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