Darling Spring

Item Description

Walking through flower fields, smelling roses, and picking the brightest and most fragrant to take back home. Do I choose white, pink, or classic red? Is this a dream or a reality?With Teaspressa, all your flower field dreams become a reality. These luxe sugar cubes infuse fresh rose extract with cane sugar for a delightful splash of flavor with each drop in your tea. Each sip brings a beautiful taste of freshly picked garden roses on a new spring day. The warmth of spring sunshine will radiate from each cup. These cubes pair perfectly with Black or Green tea. They also bring a refreshing new flavor to coffees, lemonades, or even water. Add to your tea dates to delight and impress your guests.Teaspressa not only makes your tea dreams come true but also meets your business standards. Each of their products is organic, fair-trade, all-natural, and packaged sustainably. They stand for intention, innovation, inclusion, and inspiration. You'll feel empowered with each sip. Your body, your tastebuds, and our planet will be thankful for your flavorful addition to your drinks.

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