Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan

Item Description

These are not just any roasted red peppers! Truly fire-roasted, not chemically treated, certified organic, these whole sweet Capia peppers have a special snap to them unlike any other roasted peppers in a jar that you’ve tasted. USDA-certified organic and GMO-free, they’re packed in an all-natural brine of water, a touch of citric acid to keep their color, and sea salt for a fat-free, high-fiber addition to your Mediterranean diet.

Tragano Greek Organics chooses these special peppers from the farm of Stathis Xenos, who has hand-picked these peppers for over 30 years. The result is a single-estate, small batch product that definitely deserves a place in your kitchen! Importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors nor colorants.

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