Reunion Coffee Roasters Paper Coffee Pods

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Rise and Shine with your new favorite coffee ūüƧ¬†‚ėēÔłŹ

You will love having a perfectly brewed coffee at home in just 3 minutes with these eco-friendly paper pods. 

This delicious, lightly foamed coffee will taste like a $5 cup from the coffee shop, but these pods will actually save you time and money! Each paper pod costs less than a dollar, uses less energy to brew and creates zero plastic waste. 

This collection by Reunion Coffee Roasters is our sustainably affordable option. Their Canadian facility is powered by renewable energy and many of their coffees are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organization.that works to conserve biodiversity and promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities.

Each 8-10 oz cup is brewed from individually wrapped single serve round paper pods (similar to a teabag).

Brewing is recommended with our suggested pod brewers.

Paper pods can also be steeped in hot or cold water for a larger batch with a longer brew time.

*The Rainforest Alliance's stringent standards for environmental, social, and economic sustainability help us ensure that we will have long-lasting sources of these amazing coffees.

Choose from the following flavor profiles:

  • Sumatra Ketambe¬†- RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED Dark : Signature full body of a good Sumatra, along with an intense aroma of caramel and chocolate with hints of plum,cultivated in the lush rainforest-clad highlands in Northern Indonesia.
  • Arrow Espresso -¬†RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED Dark :¬†Modern interpretation on a classic Italian espresso. Beans are hand-picked from high-altitude Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Latin America.¬† This medium roast espresso blend boasts flavor notes of caramel, walnut and burnt orange.¬†
  • Sunday Morning¬†-RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED¬†Medium :¬†balanced blend of high-grown Central and South American coffees blended to create a smooth body with tasty toasted nut and citrus notes.
  • Guatemala¬†-RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED - Dark :¬†Toasted walnut, cherry, caramel, balanced, crisp.
  • Firefly¬†Decaf -RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED¬†Medium :¬†From¬†the Cerrado Region of Brazil , this Swiss Water Processed coffee cancan withstand¬†decaffeination without¬†compromising on exceptional flavor for a rich, buttery cup with notes of caramelized sugar¬†and dark chocolate.
  • Kona Blend¬†- Medium:¬†¬†This medium roast Hawaiian coffee is honey sweet with chocolate and caramel notes using a balanced blend with 10% Kona coffee.

Choose 2 boxes for a one month supply or stock up and get a case with 96 pods once you know it's your favorite...