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Item Description


REPAIR  Face & Body gel is formulated with Tepezcohuite an effective regenerator of damaged tissue by activating the tissue recovery. It is great for sensitive skin and for those suffering with acne prone skin. It is a amazing skin regenerator, helping to improve the skin's health while reducing signs of aging.

Tepez-co-wee-teh is the proper pronunciation for this unique magical ingredient. Tepezcohuite is a bark tree, known as the Skin tree, with significant anti-microbial properties, analgesic and regenerative cells. It has micronutrients of zinc, copper, manganese, iron and magnesium, which play an important role in repair and cellular protection. The Maya of Mexico used the tepezcohuite to treat skin lesions. The benefits of using tepezcohuite in skincare prevent premature skin aging and improve stretch marks, blotches, sunburn, scarring, and help many skin problems such as psoriasis.



Spring water (infused with ions of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium and Tepezcohuite(Mimosa Tenuiflora), TEOA, Carbomer, Gluconolactone Sodium  Benzoate, 24k Gold flakes


Directions: Apply to clean skin, thoroughly covering face, neck and body.  For external use only. 

Best Ways To Use

  • ANTI-AGING: Apply a layer over the desired area; massage gently into skin. Focus on neck and décolleté to help combat aging, fine lines and sun damage. With regular use every day, your skin will become hydrated and appear more youthful!
  • FACE & BODY: With regular use, you can say goodbye to dry flakey skin. Focus on dry areas like elbows, back of arms, knees and feet - the more you massage into the skin, the better and softer your skin will look and feel.
  • HANDS & FEET: Regularly massaging Gold gel on hands and feet for softer, hydrated and can soften rough skin.
  • SUN/WEATHER RELIEF: Place gel in the refrigerator, once cool apply generously to dry, irritated or sunburnt skin. Applying cool Gold will feel amazing and calm skin and give much needed hydration!