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Hello! My name is Emma and I am an RTT Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. Never heard of RTT? That's because it is pretty new! Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a unique, award winning therapy method that helps resolve most deeply-rooted issues, often in just 1-3 sessions. It is a total solution-based treatment, combining the most beneficial parts of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and Neuroscience, to offer exceptional, quick, and long-lasting results.
“Belief without talent will get you further than talent without belief.” --Marisa Peer
I work with groups and teams to heighten their performances and optimize their results: both in the corporate world and with sports teams. How can you win and perform your best if the whole group isn’t in synchronization? Teams are special because it is about the partner, the whole, the group. One cannot succeed unless the team succeeds. It is a collective energy that every person needs to buy in to. Most people do not realize all their blocks are buried deep in their subconscious. RTT goes to find and fix the blocks to release them, freeing the individual and in doing so freeing the group. Visualization in hypnosis helps bring the team on the same wavelength, it helps the group communicate in energy more than in words. This team connection can be the difference in winning and losing in high pressure moments. RTT is what gives a team the slightest edge in mindset in order to set records and perform at the highest level. It helps both in training and in competing. Your focus, skill set, or sales will be completely elevated. 
For teams, sessions are done with the input from coaches/leaders and for optimal results, there are also individual sessions done with key players along with the team session. This is not just for athletic teams, but any corporate group that wants to increase their performances. 
Ready to take your team to the next level?

I also offer a free, 10 minute consultation. Click here for details.
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