Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Item Description

Two 10.10oz bags of our signature Queen of the Beach Espresso


Queen of the Beach is the name of our signature espresso and it is also a proclamation of our deep roots in the Sunset District, in Ocean Beach and in our beloved City of San Francisco, honoring local femme legend Carol Schuldt. Carol was a Lady-Falcon-type free-spirit who believed in the power of the water: bodysurfing at Ocean Beach daily as her spiritual practice, wearing her signature red lipstick and holding court speaking her mind unabashedly over many a bonfire where she was the only woman in attendance. She is an example of the spirit of counter culture thinking that permeates this neighborhood past, present and future. Carol passed away in 2018, but her legacy lives on.

Rwanda, Burundi, and Guatemalan beans lend a hand to make up our divine, bright, and juicy espresso.

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