Unscripted Roasters

Item Description

The Queen of Sheba is the seeker of truth and wisdom.   One sip and you will feel like a powerful Queen or King that rules the world.  Ethiopians consider her as the mother of Ethiopia, which is the birthplace of coffee.  This organic FT Ethiopia Sidamo Natural process coffee is described as the best Ethiopian coffee. Prior to brewing, you will love the aroma of fruit, dark chocolate, bright, cherry, and strawberry. 
Tasting notes:   Bright acidity, smooth body, sweet, cocoa, caramel, fruit, and solid coffee flavors.  
Roast: Light  Price includes shipping. We roast to order and package our coffee within minutes of roasting, which ensures the coffee arrives incredibly fresh.  
If you appreciate high-quality coffee and enjoy supporting mission-based brands, we encourage you to try our coffee to Be Unscripted!!