Beyond the Gym Wellness Company

Item Description

70 Day Intensive

9 Workouts
3 Meditations

3 Affirmations

6x 30 min coaching calls


Through an initial consultation, we will map out a plan to support you in your individualized journey; one that offers a holistic approach to happiness, health, movement, strength, power, and self-love. We will start where you are, judgment-free, with expert coaching and accountability. 



This first phase will give you the tools to create life-changing habits through a customized plan, designed to help you better understand your body and mind through the power of movement, meditation, nutrition, and affirmative self-talk. It takes 66-69 days to create a habit, and we will utilize every one of those days to ensure you’re equipped with the necessary tools to find consistency and commitment in your lifelong journey to wellness.

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