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  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Our silicone nipple covers reusable (breast petals) can be worn several times, well over 10 times, with proper care. Can be worn up to 8 hours per use. Can be worn under tops, dresses, sports bras, swimwear etc.
  • THREE SKIN TONES: Each tone of our silicone pasties seamlessly blends into your skin tone; Our nipple covers for women form to breast curves without any bulk of a silicone sticky bra.
  • MEDICAL GRADE Silicone Adhesive (hypoallergenic): MSDS and SGS certified, works for sensitive skin; Our Petals Nipple Covers are designed to feel like you are wearing nothing.
  • LIGHT & FLEXIBLE: Our silicone petals (reusable pasties) are light and flexible and form to your breast's natural curves. Our ultra-thin edges blend seamlessly into your skin without ever showing through your shirt. Our matte design prevents our nipple covers from showing through shirts when the flash is used in photos. These will not reflect light (or a camera flash) which many other types of nipple covers will reflect.
  • FITS SIZES A-D & TRANSPORTABLE PACKAGING: Our nipple covers come with a cute travel sized package. This transportable packaging allows you to bring them anywhere and everywhere!
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