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Item Description

  • Luni Classic
  • It can be worn three ways: single, wrapped twice, and knotted
  • Made with Garnet beads
  • It falls just above the belly button


The Passion Necklace is part of our Hard Rock collection. Perfect to be worn by itself or layered with our Crescent Moon Necklace for a unique Luni look. 


Garnet is an energizing and grounding stone that revitalizes all the chakras. It awakens your inner fire and helps produce some of the most potent life force energy in the entire mineral kingdom. It alleviates emotional disharmony, balances the sex drive, and enhances love between partners. Garnet is a stone of immense passion and love; it carries the energy of manifestation to ground one's desires and goals into the physical realm. Due to its strong connection to the pituitary gland is believed to be beneficial in aiding past-life recall.


Every Luni item is made to order, so; please allow 1 to 2 weeks of shipment.

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