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At least one point in your life you've probably faced adversity that made you question your ability to go on. But you did go on, and since then:
• How would you define courage?
• Was there a defining moment that made you who you are today?
• What do you want other women to know?

One Hundred Hearts shares the deeply introspective responses to these and other questions answered by one hundred women. Through their answers, stories of ordinary women and their extraordinary courage come to life. You'll laugh with them, cry with them, and see yourself in their journeys. Individually, the women you meet in this book display incredible courage. Collectively, they inspire you to appreciate the courage you demonstrate in your own life on a daily basis.

"Triumphant, courageous and inspiring. Terry Sidford's One Hundred Hearts takes you on a journey one heart at a time." - Cheryl Burget, Founder of Your Intended Life

"Reading Terry Sidford's One Hundred Hearts is like sitting down with your girlfriends over coffee and sharing your deepest, darkest secrets. And then feeling better for doing so afterward." - Stacy Dymalski, Comedian and Author of "Confessions of a Band Geek Mom"

"I smiled, cried, laughed out loud, and connected with every woman's story in Terry Sidford's book, One Hundred Hearts." - Beth K. Lefevre, Executive Director, Master Life, Inc. and Master Trainer for Passion Test Programs