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We’re making Nutty Cups all the time… and sometimes they don’t come out perfectly and have turned into quite the Uggo Cup. But instead of letting them go to waste, we’d rather offer them to you at a discount!

These Cups are all still totally delicious and safe to eat, but, the chocolate may have bloomed (what it's called when it turns white), the peanut butter may have seeped out, maybe the round shape just didn't want to hold or maybe it was a custom order and we just couldn’t make that B look good!

So if you're not picky about what flavors you’ll get or what your Cups will look like, this box is for you. We’ll include an assortment of whatever delicious screwups we have on hand!


Please note, there is no set number of flavors that will be included in your box. While rare, it is possible you may only get 1 flavor in your box if that is all we have in our Uggo-stash.



 *Appearance will differ from Nutty Cups in photo.*

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