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Want to stock up on Jessie’s 2-packs so you’ll always have delectable Nutty Cups to go? We’ve got you covered!


Our Nutty Cases include 8 handy 2-packs and come in a cute little display box. Perfect for goodie bags or just to keep in your home or office (or home office ).


Nutty Variety Pack includes one 2-pack each of Original Nutty Cups, Nutty Cookies n' Cream Cups, Dark Sea Salt Cups, Nutty PBJ Cups, Choco-Hazelnutty Cups, Nutty Almond Cups (Milk), Nutty Almond Cups (Dark) & Nutty Flower Cups.


*Nutty Almond Cups & Nutty Flower Cups are made with almond butter.

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