Shoukang Herbals

Item Description

Nao (Brain) Cleanser nourishes the brain and heart and strengthens the spleen. A healthy mind involves harmony between the Sea of Marrow (brain) and the Shen (spirit). The spleen is involved in the formation of blood and energy, as well as thinking, studying, and memory. Shen (spirit) is housed in the heart, and is thought to regulate your emotions, consciousness, and other mental functions. The health of the Shen depends on the health of the heart and blood.

The Nao Cleanser provides the brain, heart, and spleen with necessary nutrients to keep them in optimum condition. It’s designed to create a harmonious balance between the Sea of Marrow (the brain) and the Shen (the spirit). The spleen is essential in the formation of blood and energy in the body, which ultimately impact heart health. The Nao Cleanser can help all these components work optimally.

Our Nao Cleanser is specifically designed to improve cognitive functioning to give users improved focus, mood, mental clarity, in addition to a host of other mental benefits. The Shoukang proprietary blend dates back to the late 1970s when a group of college students and professors approached the herbal master Dr. Ma to develop a blend that would improve their brain performance.

Over the next few decades, Dr. Ma researched and experimented with different raw herbs until he came up with the Nao Cleanser. Dr. Ma actually stopped producing the effective formula because it was so labor intensive. It wasn’t available until Shoukang contacted GMP-certified and FDA-registered manufacturers to produce the special herbal blend on a larger scale.