Dirty Cookie

Item Description

Our most popular cookie shot flavors are now bundled up in a beautiful mouth-watering Mother’s Day-themed assortment. 

These delicious and edible versions of a classic shot glass are the perfect way to celebrate with your mom this Mother's Day! 

Not only tasteful but also a fun activity to spend time with mom! Gather up, decorate, and indulge in the sweetness of this experience! 

The best part? There’s no baking involved! Just decorate, sip, bite, and delight in the moments that matter most. 

What you’ll get

A half a dozen kit includes:

  • 2 Chocolate chips;
  • 2 Double chocolate;
  • 1 Churro;
  • 1 Red velvet; and, 
  • 6 Edible Mother’s Day decorations, sprinkles, and chocolate wafers!

Did You Know? 

  • All of our products are certified Kosher.
  • These cookie shots do not contain nuts. However, we do use shared equipment and operate in a faci