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Item Description

Moroccan Dip & Spread Mix is a tasty combination of allspice and cardamom. Enjoy a delicious snack or impress guests with a unique appetizer!

It transforms vanilla yogurt into an unbelievably delicious way to serve fruit. Perfect for brunch. It also makes an exotic spread with soft cheeses like mascarpone or goat cheese. It’s killer for creating your own hummus dip. Combine with cream cheese, stuff a wonton and fry it up. The possibilities are endless with a mix like this!

Moroccan Dip & Spread Mix has no junk! No sugar! Low sodium! Fat Free! No additives or flavorings, No MSG, No GMOs, No anti-caking. Vegan friendly. Mildly spiced. Makes 2-3 batches.

.5 oz mix

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