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"Moonflower" is a limited edition linocut (Linoleum or relief print)

This is a limited edition of 100, and all are numbered, titled and signed in pencil.

I designed, carved, and individually hand-printed each one in my studio in Tacoma Washington.

This is not a digital reproduction. It is an original artwork and a hand-crafted product, each print may vary ever so slightly. 

I have included a few photos of the process of creating this piece from concept drawing to print reveal. (Note: process shots have the raven facing left, finished prints face to the right. they flip to mirror image when printed)

I spend a lot of time planning, thinking, sketching. I start with an idea that I am passionate about. 

The moonflower is a symbol of blossoming in dark times.

This concept really resonated with me in this turbulent year as we face a shift in our lives which challenges our way of thinking and being.

The moonflower is such a wonderful symbol for the growth potential of our soul and personality when we are faced with challenging and difficult periods in our lives.

Raven is also a powerful symbol of transformation in times of darkness, finding light within the darkness, introspection, courage and self-knowledge.

The concept for this piece has been bouncing around in my brain for a while. 

I have a ten volume series of “Works of Edgar Allan Poe” that is over 100 years old. 

I imagine those old tomes in a dark abandoned place that is being reclaimed by moonflower and a visiting raven. The moon illuminating our earth as we look out of the darkness.

I included some details of the book covers in this piece. See the little ravens on the book spines?

I’m pretty excited about this one. It took a long time to design, draw, and carve. 

I have really enjoyed the process. 

It’s like reading a good book and being sad when it ends because you will miss that world. I will miss carving this raven and moonflowers, and I will miss this little world I have imagined.  

Paper: Somerset Satin, 250gsm, white (Slightly warm white)

Somerset® is a world leading traditional printmaking paper. Mould made from 100% cotton to high archival standards.

Ink: Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink

Size: Paper is 15x15 inches (38.1x38.1cm)

Image is 10.5x10.5Inches (26.67x26.67cm)

This is one of the largest prints I have done to date.

They frame up nicely in 12x12 frames without mats and 16x16 frames with mats.

Domestic Shipping:

I am offering FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Prints are packaged in clear sleeves with an acid-free mat board backing.

These will be shipped flat in a large rigid mailer.

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