Lady Falcon Coffee Club

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2 tins of your choice of our Coffee-Cherry Tea blends!

Choose from Hibiscus, Chai, and Rose Petal.

Can’t choose? Select the trio to get all three!

Jam-packed with antioxidants, the tea is the outer husk of a coffee cherry. It’s the superfood you’ve never heard of, paired with organic florals and spices for an extraordinary, delicious cup. With 1/3 the amount of caffeine as coffee, its a delightful treat without the buzz!


Brewing it is an ancient tradition deep within Yemen, Ethiopia, and other coffee-producing countries where drinking coffee cherries blended with spices as a tea is more common than drinking roasted coffee.
For Lady Falcon's signature teas, Buffy uses dried outer cherry pulp from the coffee plant as the perennial base. She sources directly from Nicaragua, where has a direct-trade relationship with another rarity - a woman coffee producer high in the mountains right on the Honduran border. Buffy pairs the pulp with organic dried flowers and spices to create an extraordinary and delicious cup of tea. 

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