Minority women enterprise Washington state

Item Description

Our Mission

We promote equity and increase participation in public contracting and procurement for small businesses owned by minorities, women and disadvantaged persons through education and certification.

Our Vision

Creating an environment where small businesses owned by minorities, women and disadvantaged persons have equal opportunity to participate in public contracting and procurement.

Our Values

We are committed to promoting equity in public contracting and procurement for businesses owned by minorities, women and disadvantaged persons. We actively develop and practice cultural competency in our work with customers, communities and team members.

We are friendly and helpful—every time. We consistently listen to our customers, understand their needs and goals, and respond in a timely and professional manner. We always provide the highest level of customer service.

We communicate respectfully and openly. We create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up and participating to solve problems. We listen to and appreciate others' opinions, needs and goals. We assume good intent. We are all responsible for OMWBE’s success.

We build great teams with the right skills, attitudes and work ethic to achieve our goals. We create a productive and positive environment by working together as a team. We openly share our knowledge and skills to promote the success of the agency. We take actions and make decisions that align with our agency’s mission, values and goals.

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