It's Nola

Item Description

What inspired us to create our 2-count mini packs (21 packets in each bag)? Families! We want families to have the option to choose healthy snack bites for popular and special occasions such as birthday parties, Halloween, Easter, and other holidays and celebrations as well as those occasions when you're hanging out as a family, doing family activities. We know parents want to feel good about what they choose to place in their children's Easter baskets, party bags, and trick-or-treat buckets. It's Nola is a healthy option. It's full of flavor NOT sugar, and it's so much better than candy. Let's work together as a community to revolutionize the way our children snack in our country. "We want kids healthy and happy."

Also, for those on the go, and looking for a healthy and fun snacking experience, you can actually eat  while working or playing. Place them in your bag and eat them on the go. 

"We love the mini packs! We place them in an airtight jar and give our 5-year-old one pack a day. He loves all three flavors! What a great idea. -- Maggie