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Item Description

A Pollock splash dipped into pink, cobalt blue, and yellow!  Mind-Pop Baking Dishes are great for adding a splash of design to your meals and parties. Grab any two of your favorite colors to richen your tablescape and to set the scene for the ‘Wow!’ moment as your guests walk through the door.

This abstract-meets-pop serving plate from Kapka’s Mind-Pop collection is eye-catching enough to double as wall art but was originally intended to brighten up your breakfast in bed, make happy hour happier, or liven up a dinner party.

Made using centuries-old coating methods, each hand-painted item from this abstract-meets-pop line is unique, durable, and designed for use in the kitchen or outdoors. If you’re looking for unique kitchen decor, these one-of-a-kind baking dishes will be the new star of the show.

Each dish is handcrafted which provides you with a unique and one-of-a-kind serving platter. The designs are completely non-toxic, are oven safe, and can be recycled if you ever see the end of its lifetime.

At Darling Spring, we believe in good design and slow living. These durable serving plates are made with incredible quality and will last for generations. The unique design is still a timeless print that will always make a splash during meals for years to come. It’s time to choose pieces you’ll want to keep for many years, rather than those you’ll want to replace in six months. 

With Kapka, you’re not only serving meals, you’re creating memories.

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