Midlife Reinvention Kick-Off

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Are you a woman 40+ who is no longer satisfied with the status quo? You find yourself wondering "is this it?" You've checked off the boxes, from the outside things look pretty good, but inside you know that you have more to contribute.


You are ready for a reinvention, but may feel fear, confusion and maybe even self-judgement for wanting something different.


You are frustrated because you lack clarity on exactly what you want or how to make the transition to something new.


The Midlife Reinvention Kickoff is a three session 1:1 coaching package to help get started designing your next chapter.


Through my heart-centered and direct coaching style I will guide you to:


  • Reconnect with yourself and your feminine wisdom to identify how you can bring your strengths, skills and passion to your work.
  • Increase your clarity and confidence.
  • Craft a bold vision and a plan for implementing your Midlife Reinvention.

I am offering this package at a deep discount for the rest of 2020 because our world is desperate for your contribution. It is my purpose and passion to help Gen X women step in to their power to become leaders in their lives, at work and within their families. Please feel free to reach out to learn more.