Item Description

Back by popular demand - we are thrilled to re-introduce our pure magnesium oil spray.

There are many suppliers of magnesium chloride but only one who stood out to us. We had to go through several and ultimately landed on the purest magnesium from the Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands.  We combined with water for this all-natural formulation.  


We have two other magnesium sprays - so what's the difference?  This spray is great for those with sensitivity to magnesium or capsaicin or if you are new to topical magnesium.  Some people report itching upon initial use of topical magnesium which usually lessens and disappears with continued use and absorption.  Starting with this pure spray is a great way to try topical magnesium.  This spray has less magnesium than our Ultra Magnesium Oil and no capsaicin (the FDA approved pain reliever derived from the chili pepper) like Spray Pain Away making it a gentler option.  

Pro tips: 


1.  To replenish your daily dose of magnesium, we recommend 15 sprays of this product twice a day.  We tested this and it truly takes seconds.  The easiest way we found was either to start and end our days with 15 sprays in the AM before getting dressed and 15 sprays in the PM before going to sleep.  Or 15 sprays  before our workout and 15 sprays once we are done.  Really - it takes less than 1 minute total to get your daily allowance of magnesium and all its amazing benefits.  Among many benefits, magnesium is also known to support with symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.  Read our blog to learn more.


2.  If you need to build up your tolerance to magnesium, you can dilute this spray with water.


PETA certified vegan and cruelty free.  Upon initial trial, some users experience itchiness and/or a warming sensation. This is normal and generally subsides with absorption. Wash hands after application and avoid contact with your eyes and mucous membranes.