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After tasting Lucious Cranberry Coconut for the first time, a student replied, "It tastes like candy!" The delightful smell of cooked coconut, cranberries, seeds, nuts, and special spices makes for a delicious treat! Did you know that the scent of coconut has been known to relieve stress and anxiety? No wonder coconut is a much-loved food.

It's Nola's two-serving size is a perfect size for a healthy snack, especially when you're working hard and feeling a little hungry or have a need for something sweet and low in sugar. These powerful bite-sized snacks will keep your energy fueled until you're ready for your next meal. All our packages are resealable so that they stay fresh so you can carry and go. 

"I just tried the cranberry coconut flavor. Great flavor and texture. It's nice to have a snack that isn't junk. I want more!" --Michael D.

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