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Item Description

Looking for a versatile and durable yoga strap? Look no further than Livity Yoga Stretch Straps. Made from soft, natural cotton, these straps are perfect for any yogi. Plus, our straps also double as a yoga mat holder, making it easy to bring your belongings with you to your next yoga session.

Optimal Stretch Support - Start your yoga journey with ease and confidence using our yoga straps! This yoga band is made from pure cotton so it won't fray or break easily. It will provide you with secure and slip-free support, even when in challenging positions.
Carry Your Mat With Ease - Tired of struggling to carry your yoga mat around? This stretching strap is perfect for you! With a heavy-duty metal buckle and adjustable strap, it can be easily customized as a yoga mat carrier to fit any size yoga mat.
Stretch Like A Pro - Our stretching bands can be used for stretching, physical therapy, or even in pilates workouts. These 8.2 ft long and 1.5 inch wide yoga straps for stretching are also great for general fitness routines!
Fair Trade Production - Livity yoga bands for stretching are responsibly procured from Selyn, a fair-trade organization in Sri Lanka. This yoga belt is a lovingly made product that helps keep their hand-weaving tradition alive.
Stay Fit, Live Better - Improve your flexibility and range of motion with our yoga stretch strap. This stretch band is ideal for stretching, and is crafted using only the highest-quality materials that won’t harm the planet.
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