Not Only Pants LLC

Item Description

Liv is busy from sunup to sundown (and beyond) and wants a pair of leggings that go with her EVERYWHERE, every single day.

One of our most versatile leggings, Liv will get you through each and every day from your first cup of coffee getting the kids out the door, to the gym, to the office, out to happy hour with the girls, and back home.

  • Liv is made of 95% recycled Polyester and Elastane
  • Made with form-fitting fabric that has increased elasticity that also provides enough support to keep compressed without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Purposely created to not show off stitches like your traditional gym leggings, so you can wear them with your favorite hoodie at home while binging Netflix, or pair them with your favorite blazer for a night on the town. She gives new meaning to “versatile.”
  • Compression level: Medium: Hold and lifts.
  • ideal for: Working out, everyday activities, night out.
  • What makes it unique: Active stretch, hidden stitches, extremely soft,  easy to dress up and down.