Christine Stoffels Consulting

Item Description

We are not a team because we work together.

We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.

Would you like to have a customized team building session to improve your employee engagement?

Schedule a 15-minute introductory meeting to learn how I can support you, your teams, and organization and we can discuss topics that fit your team for now. Pricing will reflect scope of services.

Here are a few to choose from:

Personal Branding: How Do You Want to be Seen? (1- 2 hours/depending on number of participants)

o Build your brand to clearly identify who you are and how you want to be known

o Learn to evaluate whether you are living it consistently at work or elsewhere

o Strengthen your overall personal brand and become top of mind when being considered by others for professional and personal opportunities

o Colors of Communication: Building a Strong Team with Increased Communication Skills

(2 hours/depending on number of participants)

o Learn each of your team member’s unique communication style and how that will remove barriers and increase the effectiveness of how you work together.

o “Leader to Values Reset” (living your core values in the virtual world) (1 hour)

o This collaborative team-based coaching session will help you navigate new team norms with your direct reports (if you have them) and improve team cohesion

o Going Beyond the Work from Home Basics (1 hour)

o Whether you’re a leader striving for a stronger team culture or an individual contributor who wants to stand out as the Ideal Team Player, this session will give you actionable tools for developing your growth mindset, reducing stress, and communicating effectively, all while working from home