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Production time: up to one week 

Shipping time: 10-14 days - Made in Ukraine


A chunky knitted Christmas tree skirt is designed to create a Hygge and cozy atmosphere. Perfect for Boho, vintage, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse-style festive zones, the creamy white cable knit tree skirt by Anzy Home is a unique and luxurious Christmas décor.

Skirts are available in different sizes, from 20 inches in diameter for small/tabletop trees, to large and extra-large options for tall 9 ft trees. Top-selling sizes are 40-inch and 48 inches skirts.

See the size guide to choose a proper diameter for your tree.

Note, that you can vary the diameter of the skirt by draping it tighter or looser around the Christmas tree base.

The Christmas tree skirt is arm-knitted of super chunky semi-wool yarn. It is durable but soft and delicate like a cloud.

This jumbo knit Christmas tree skirt will enhance the look of your decorated tree, hide the tree stand, cover up the wires from lights and create a beautiful gift display.

The two sides of a skirt have different patterns, just choose the one you like or change year after year, since this handmade skirt will become a family heirloom for ages!

Material:  40% wool, 60% acrylics. 


  • "20" (50 cm) for mini/tabletop 2-3' trees
  • 30" (75 cm) 3'-3.5' trees
  • 40" (100 cm) for 3' - 4.5' trees
  • 48"" (120 cm) for 4.5' - 7.5' trees
  • 56" (140) for 7.5' - 9' trees
  • 72" (180 cm) for 9' trees and higher.
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