Darling Spring

Item Description

Winner of the Sustainable Food Awards 2021

First dates, first kiss, first impressions - so many special moments require you to be fresh and on top of your game. Your hair looks great, your clothes are on point, and this moment has been rehearsed in your mind time and time again. You're almost completely ready to handle this moment with confidence but there's one thing you forgot...Fresh breath! This mint-flavored gum by Oh My Gum! is here to keep you fresh for these life-changing moments. You'll be ready to tackle whatever is thrown your way.Oh My Gum! was created by Malak when she realized standard chewing gums contained plastics. She was determined to create a super tasty, chic, and sustainable alternative to other gums. Each flavor is made from plant-based, vegan-friendly ingredients. The gum is also sugar-free, aspartame-free, and completely plastic-free from ingredients to packaging. Oh My Gum! fits perfectly in your bag and is here to save the day for all your special moments.

Vegan-friendly - Biodegradable - GMO-free. Aspartame-free

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