Prima Dona

Item Description

We re-imagined the classic wrap dress into the flattering Ioana Hourglass in this eye-catching  scarlet that's PERFECT for your holiday adventures. She'll be your companion for when you need to feel your most bad@ss, whether you're delivering that speech, commanding the boardroom or having an intimate dinner for two.


This Hourglass is made of rare silk ankara, is fully lined with silk and yes, there are pockets big enough to hold your phone and wallet, because obviously.  Since each dress is hand-tailored WHEN you order it, you can check out our size chart for what works for you OR can choose our made-to-measure option.


Our model Cynthia Tee is the VP of Engineering at Nordstrom who has over two decades of experience leading teams in tech. Outside of work, she facilitates Ally Skills Workshop to people and companies all over the world to share simple everyday ways for people to use their privilege and influence to support others who are targets of systemic oppression in their workplaces and communities.  Her best career advice is this: "Earning trust is your #1 job as a leader. That means listening. A lot. Give your space to others. Take it when you need to stand up for those who have most to lose."