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Has anyone ever chased you down the street and demanded to know where you got your dress? Because that's happened to us more than once, in multiple cities, while wearing this Sapphire silk. 


We re-imagined the classic wrap dress into the super-flattering Ioana Hourglass in this stunning shade of sapphire. She's the perfect companion for when you need to feel your most bad@ss, whether you're delivering that keynote, commanding the boardroom…or having an intimate dinner for two.


This Hourglass is made of rare silk ankara, is fully lined with silk and yes, there are pockets big enough to hold your phone and wallet, because obviously.  Since each dress is hand-tailored WHEN you order it, you can check out our size chart for what works for you OR can choose our made-to-measure option.


Our model Myriam Gahimbare is a Group Finance Manager at Microsoft where she oversees both royalties AND the brand new Africa Development Center based out of Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya. Myriam is a passionate advocate of education in emerging markets and spends endless hours figuring out how to unlock opportunities in the less represented parts of the world.  She speaks English, French, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi and Swahili. Her career advice is this, "Life is full of second chances. Seize them instead of fearing them. Letting fear hold you back, the fear to say what is right, to do what is proper, to try something new, to speak your truth, to learn is the only cancer to your career."


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