The Artsy Plant

Item Description

Unique opportunity to learn to create an Illuminated Succulent Bottle Arrangement designed exclusively at The Artsy Plant.

When box kit is delivered; prepare to create project within the first day or two (as it will have fresh succulents enclosed).  Simply, set items on your workstation and play your instructional fun video and enjoy this beautiful project which will last for years (with proper care).

The kit includes everything you need to make this one-of-a-kind arrangement; it has been featured on Dawn's Corner/KCAL 9 News twice!  With the purchase of this DIY, you'll receive the following items:

Short Simple/FUN instructional video taught by the Artist/Plantstylist, Stacy Owens

1-Video Instructional -the video link and passcode inside box kit

1 -clear bevelled bottle/ready to plant/assemble

1 -string of warm glowing cork lights 

1-set wood sticks

1- floral glue

1- gloves (to be used by those without allergies)

1- misting bottle

1-set glue dots

1- bamboo basket

1-burlap ribbon

1- box of fresh succulents (plant pairing will vary as each piece will be one of a kind)

1- floral gift card/care instructions

You'll just need scissors,  a protected work space and video access.  The short training video will easily take you through the steps of creating your own illuminated succulent bottle.  

Product ships to billing address unless specified in the notes section.