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I have been creating, hosting and maintaining websites since 1995. I also help clients with social media, newsletters, video editing. How can I help you today?
I can help you with your W Marketplace Listing - create graphics using Canva, and when you are happy with them, share them with you so you may edit as needed down the road. Example Templates.
  • I can also help you with an existing website, or create a new website for you. I am fluent in e-commerce, SEO tactics and ensuring websites are mobile-friendly. I list all my women clients on my other website: which helps their Google ranking as well.
  • I am well versed in all social media including Google Business which is critical for getting noticed locally especially. I can help you establish social media, ensure it is well optimized and branded.
  • I adore making videos from existing video and still images. Videos are huge on websites and social media these days. Example videos: 
What's different about me:
When I take on a client, I do not abandon them after creating a website as some designers do -- instead I offer support either on a contract or hourly basis for anything technical they may be struggling with. I help with mailing lists and templates, social media, video, graphics and more. . I install professional plugins and templates on all clients websites that I pay for rather than the client having to pay for these things separately. I offer free website hosting for the first year, so they can move from slower service providers without additional cost burdens. 
  • My rates are by the hour - I provide a complete estimate once I talk to the client about their vision. 
  • I offer quarterly maintenance packages where I ensure your website is kept updated and backed up weekly, and is as secure as possible from hacking, and also includes 1 hour of my time in that quarter for any assistance or updates you need in any area.
Clients I support range from mom & pop fruit stands to attorneys and everything in between.
Here are some of my websites:
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