Darling Spring

Item Description

The Horizonte Blankets simplify the intersection of the sky and the earth into three bands of color. Creating a calming collection of colors, this traveling blanket is perfect for inside or out.

Now in three colors, you can bring your style to picnics, beaches, and camps! 

Arena, meaning sand, and surely sand gets a bad wrap for always finding its way into your bed. But! Think of those warm summer days when you lay a blanket down on the warm sand and take in the sun for hours. Now you can enjoy the sandy tones pairing up nicely with the light blue of a clear sunny day.

The lively and free Fresca (fresh) colorway embodies the beginning of spring with its peachy pink, fresh mint, and warm gold tones. This bright and cheerful blanket will equip you for bright and clear days full of spring blossoms and cool grassy hangs.

Sol Collection blankets feature creamy white, beige, and tea-colored backdrops shot through with golden honey patterns. These bright, sunny, snuggly blankets will surely keep your spirits lifted on colder days.

The Horizonte Picnic Blankets come rolled up with a handmade leather strap, making them ready for any adventure. Handmade straps are made of vegetable-tanned leather that ages nicely with use.

These blankets are large enough for sharing with friends or use them all on your own to get cozy while stargazing. Benefit from their easy transport with the included leather strap.


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