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The Happy Days Tea Bundle is a unique duo of organic teas: tigger & pu and happy place, that naturally boost those positive brain chemicals. Those feel-good brain chemicals are actually produced in your gut, which means that the healthier your digestive system, the better your mood. Both of the teas in the Happy Days Tea Bundle have a positive and beneficial effect on gut health. They also contain aromatic ingredients like citrus and vanilla, which are nature's own depression-fighters.

For best results:

Drink a cup of tigger & pu in the morning to start your day with a dose of positivity. Made with fermented tea leaves to keep your digestive system running as it should be, and naturally sweet chunks of persimmons to boost your mood and promote beautiful skin. tigger & pu makes a healthy and delicious coffee substitute.

Later in the day, switch to caffeine-free happy place tea, to keep the positive vibes flowing, while also fighting inflammation and supporting your gut health. The sweet flavor and the incredible aroma of happy place help keep a smile on your face all day long.

happy place ingredients: Ginger*, Crystallized Ginger* (ginger*, cane sugar** (C02 decaf), Rooibos*, Lemongrass*, Lemon Verbena*, Chamomile*, Calendula*, Turmeric*, pure essential oils of Sweet Orange* and Lemon*, organic fruit flavor (*certified organic)

tigger & pu ingredients: Puehr*, Persimmons*, Roasted Dandelion root*, Ginkgo*, Licorice root*, Calendula petals*, and organic Vanilla flavor* (*certified organic)

take your tea with you with this beautiful insulated bamboo tea tumbler

*This information has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose or cure a medical issue, or replace professional medical care. If you are pregnant or nursing, are under the care of a physician, or on prescription medication, talk to your health care provider before making any changes to your diet or routine.

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