H. Honeycup Body Care with a Cause

Item Description

Hand Care Essentials | Hand Lotion and Hand Cleanser| Discovery Set or Cute Gift | Nontoxic Skincare Set to Sanitize and Moisturize | Each is a 2 oz/ 59 ml glass bottle | Free shipping orders over $30

COMPLETE HAND CARE SET: Discover the convenience of a cleansing spray PLUS a luscious lotion afterward. Clean, moist hands wherever you are. And a cute, fun gift for clean living friends.

ONE OF EACH: Each has a natural, essential oil scent.

Light citrus hand spray to sanitize hands on the spot.

Jasmine hand lotion to soften and nourish skin.

CLEAN LIVING MADE EASY:  Our set is designed to be safe to use for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. We donate our products to recovery centers to help with their clean-living journey.

NONTOXIC: Our original formulas have the perfect combination of ingredients to clean and moisturize skin for a soft feel and a healthy glow. No chemical fragrance.

EASY TO USE: Use in daily hand care routine. Spray on hand cleanser to clean hands without water. Rub on hand lotion to lock in moisture. Rich, creamy texture locks in moisture and protects skin with moisturizing layer.

SMELLS LIKE A SPA:  Scented with light citrus and jasmine essential oils, provides luxurious relaxation and aromatherapy. Feels like heaven.

"My favorite hand lotion. Perfect for keeping my hands hydrated after surfing." Declan, Philadelphia PA. 

 "This is the nicest, most refreshing hand sanitizer spray ever!" Lauren, Wyomissing PA.