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There's something about spending the evening in the kitchen. Music on, smells in the air, the warmth and laughter. Ending a long day surrounded by those you love and enjoying a fresh, home-cooked meal. We love providing a collection of eco-friendly home and kitchen products that make this experience as enjoyable as possible.

This luxe Gold Cheese Grater by Kriya Veda brings elegance to your meals, cooking, and kitchen. This multi-functional grater is made from stainless steel and is designed to be hung or stacked for easy storage - though this isn't an appliance you will want to hide! Dress up your meals with garnish, grate fresh cheese for pasta, or thinly slice fruits and veggies. This grater has you covered.

Kriya Veda is a premium lifestyle brand that represents a clean living, luxurious design, and exceptional quality. They are passionate about providing transformational products that focus on the inner and outer well-being of our customers. Their mission is to connect, inspire, and motivate every day with eco-chic products.

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