Goddess Swag™

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Goddess Swag™ Cosmic Powers Sacred G TrioTote BagEvery Goddess has cosmic powers :) This unique shopping bag has beautiful pastel colors, with the Flower of Life, Star Tetrahedron, and Metatron's Cube symbols in Gold. It will turn heads at the gym, the beach or at yoga class. Fun festival gear!Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometrical shape that holds all creative possibilities and represents the flow of energies throughout all of Creation. It houses the Flower of Life within the Divine masculine and feminine creative aspects, that are necessary for creating balance within form.The Flower of Life symbolizes creation and is a reminder that everything is united, originating from the same blueprint. The Star Tetrahedron is the energetic and geometric representation of the human body, male and female, heaven and earth, also called the Merkaba. Merkaba is an Egyptian word, the word ‘Mer’ is translated into ‘Light’, ‘Ka’ refers to the spirit, while ‘Ba’ refers to the body or physical being. The Merkaba is an energy matrix surrounding the aura that strengthens the alignment between the mind, body, and Soul. It offers protection to the user and aligns you more fully with your higher self.Goddess Swag is Swag for the Soul™, a spiritual shop of clothing and accessories**DESIGN IS PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BAG**

A spacious and trendy tote bag to help you carry around everything that matters.• 100% spun polyester fabric• Bag size: 15″ × 15″ (38.1 × 38.1 cm)• Capacity: 2.6 US gal (10 l)• Maximum weight limit: 44lbs (20 kg)• Dual handles made from 100% natural cotton bull denim• Handle length 11.8″ (30 cm), width 1″ (2.5 cm)

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