Item Description

Sure, you could use the same cooking utensil for every type of meal prep, but why should you? Really, how much space do a few utensils really take up?

Enter the ‘Give It a Rest’ utensil set, which comes with a spatula, spoon, and slotted spoon, all hand-crafted from single pieces of bamboo. The best part? Each utensil has a unique, patented bump on the back of it, right beneath the head of the spoon. This built-in spoon rest keeps broths, gravies, sauces, and other liquids from sullying clean counters or stovetops. Never again do you need to hunt around for that spoon rest during the hectic chaos of feeding a family, or tear apart the dishwasher looking for it before a party begins. Now, utensil and rest are a package deal.

In addition to being the ultimate answer to the question of where to put it, the 12-inch ‘Give It a Rest’ utensil set is also darned good for the environment. Made from untreated Certified Organic bamboo, these hand-shaped and smoothly finished spoons and spatulas neither impart nor absorb cooking flavors. Because they’re formed from a single piece, they also don’t leave behind glue or other residues in your food. And they won’t scratch cooking surfaces, so you never need to worry about where you set them down.

Size: 12" each

Set includes one each 'Give it a Rest' Spatula, Spoon, and Slotted Spoon