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Vision: Girl Rising envisions a world where girls thrive with vast possibilities.

Mission: Girl Rising uses the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education.

Through our original storytelling, on-the-ground programming, educational tools, and media campaigns, we work to ignite change so that girls are free to go to school, stay in school, and pursue a future of their own choosing. The evidence is clear - educating girls and advancing their opportunities radically transforms families, communities, and entire nations, helping to end cycles of poverty, improve environmental conditions, and increase health, peace and prosperity. Research shows that getting girls into classrooms is not enough. Girls need to gain the skills and mindsets that allow them to persist in school and reach their full potential. Those around girls - boys, teachers, parents, and community leaders - need to value girls in new ways and dismantle the harmful social norms that too often hold girls back.

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