Vashon Coffee Dust

Item Description

Gingerbread Coffee Dust, the aromatic flabor that turns your kitchen into a gingerbread wonderland! This delightful concoction is like a warm hug from your favorite holiday season, where every ingredient dances in perfect harmony.

Imagine ginger, the fiery redhead of spices, leading the way with its zesty pizzazz. Allspice, the spice medley master, joins the party, adding layers of flavor that are like a carnival for your taste buds. Cinnamon, the sweet serenader, weaves its magic, infusing your cup with cozy nostalgia.

But wait, here comes clove, the spicy superstar, with its bold, dramatic entrance, leaving a trail of aromatic intrigue in its wake. And nutmeg, the aromatic dreamweaver, adds its nutty charisma, making your taste buds do a joyful jig.

Brewing with Gingerbread Coffee Dust is like summoning the spirit of a gingerbread house right in your kitchen. The aroma wafts through the air, wrapping you in a comforting embrace that feels like a warm holiday hug. It's the perfect way to fill your home with the essence of joy and celebration, all year round!

Infuse your mornings with the whimsy of gingerbread and the cozy magic of the holidays, let Gingerbread Coffee Dust be your companion. It's the spice blend that transforms your kitchen into a gingerbread haven, where every cup is a sip of seasonal delight.

Ingredients: ginger, allspice, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and sea salt