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This is a one hour consultation which includes reviewing your Genetic disposition and analysis using Pure Genomics which will fine tune what your actual Nutritional and Supplementation requirements are. Most often, and through my very own experience working in environments where consumers self-prescribe using the internet and or receiving advice from someone who does not have the formal educational background as well not a Registered Dietician (RD) or a Registered Nutritional Consultant (RNC) to make the correct recommendations.

Consumers end up feeling confused as well more harm than good is being done. Feeding your body is a serious matter, therefore, I have designed this consultation for you to discover it.

First step is a requirement - 23andme analysis of your Genetic Makeup Second step - An appointment is set-up once you have received your results, Helena will load your results onto Pure Genomics, Voila! You will learn exactly what your Nutritional and Supplement requirements are and from there I will design a well balanced program to meet your - Energy demands, Vitamin and Mineral demands, Hormonal demands. We will find out as well, how your physiology works! The supplements I highly recommend and use myself are Pure Encapsulations,Douglas Labs,Klean Athlete, Genestra, Health Direct and Solti.

Use this link to receive a discount on your 23andMe analysis (This is a requirement) - I look forward to assisting you!