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Vasana Collection: Unisex Merino Wool + Silk Shawls for Men & Women - Crafted with Elegance and Tradition by Meraki Unlimited

Meraki's shawls are made from the finest materials and are available in a range of styles to suit all tastes. These bridal shawls for women can be adorned at a wedding to reflect elegance or passed on as a timeless gift to your loved ones.

Shawls for Men & Women

Product Details:

  • Made of 85% Merino Wool + 15% Silk  
  • Unisex shawl
  • Print Only - Merino Shawl
  • Shawl Measurements 78.5”L x 25.5”W
  • Crafted in India by artisans honoring the foundations of generations of textile creation
  • Designed By Meraki Unlimited

     Collection - Vasana

    The shawl design brings forth memories - good or bad tucked within the pages of your diary. The pages are shimmered with the imprints of the flowers given by your loved ones, unable to read a few words where the hues of the flowers leave their mark.

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