Item Description

Sadly - we are out of stock on this awesome product!!  More inventory will be in stock in a few weeks.
This cream is a winner!  And not just according to us - Self Magazine awarded our foot cream a 2021 SELF Healthy Beauty Award for best foot cream!  As Self rightly notes, "Our feet go through a lot and, truth be told, they deserve the same amount of care as the rest of our bodies."  We couldn't agree more.  This "minty and fresh" cream is amazing on its own and even better when paired with our Peppermint Foot Soak.  
  • SOFTEN & HEAL: Asutra Treat Your Feet foot cream is a concentrated foot cream that softens, heals, relieves and repairs dry, cracked feet.
  • EXFOLIATE & MOISTURIZE: This unique formulation reduces dead skin buildup and gets rid of flaking skin. Then it keeps your skin hydrated by drawing water from the deep layers of your skin and from the air.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This soothing foot cream contains shea butter, magnesium, peppermint, and tea tree oils to soften and refresh tired feet.