Bit of Meraki

Item Description

Bohemian is defined as a collection of objects with little or no commanality other than the fact that they make you feel comfortable. Our Lotus copper plate promotes that exact idea. Lotus themed collection of Decorative wall plates that would bring freshness into any setting. The base of the plate is pure copper with glass enamel on top. This particular Copper enameling plate is hand crafted by our team of artisans from the western ghats of Maharashtra, India. Copper Enameling is the age-old craft of fusing glass onto the copper surface for color enrichment. The glass powder is laid onto the copper surface in the requisite patterns and the assembly is heated to 700 to 900°C, at which point the powdered glass melts to form a coat on the copper surface. This glass enameling not only lends its vibrant colors to the copper surface, but also prevents it from oxidizing, thereby rendering it more usable.

Diameter- 12".

Color: Blue Do note that sometimes the colors on screen appear brighter.

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