Rue Sante - Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™

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45.5g. / 1.5 oz.

Activate your brain power and enhance your state of mind with our intentional botanical beverage. A union of ingredients that focus, nourish and supercharge your grey matter. Your cognitive health relies on your overall wellbeing.  Mindfully works from the inside out, providing your mind & body with neuroprotective nootropics, adaptogens, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals, and nutrients, that help improve brain functions, increase energy, reduce brain fog, protect brain cells, and manage physical, mental and cellular stress. Made with premium organic flower petals, superfruits and curative herbs - beautiful ingredients that engage your sense of sight, taste and smell.  Enjoy as a morning beverage, an evening mixer, an intelligent elixir, and a mental booster, all in one.


Use in your MBSC™ rituals to engage your senses, elevate your mind, and relax and restore your body. Enjoy this versatile beverage any time of day as a warm or cooling experience. Start by taking a moment to observe the gorgeous botanicals in Mindfully. Breathe in and relax your body. Breathe out and calm you mind. Repeat, as you prepare your beverage and let all your stress slip away.

To create your mindful beverage, shake jar / pouch before each use to ensure that you get all the goodness of the blend.

Dosage & instructions: +1 tsp per 1 cup.  Steep in 180° F water for 3 minutes or cold brew for 24 hours in a sealable glass container (mason jar).

The herbaceous, slightly nutty, and mild citrus combination makes Mindfully an ideal mixer in your favorite foods and beverages. To use as a concentrated mixer base, use 2 - 3 tsp to 1/8 cup (just enough water to cover the botanicals) of 180° F water for 5 minutes. Let it cool or add ice. Mix with 8 oz. of sparkling water, kombucha, lemonade, cocktails /mocktails, plant-based milks or add to smoothies and other culinary recipes. 

Enjoy a beautiful state of mind and relaxation from the inside out. We'll drink to that!


Star Ingredients:

Gotu Kola: Anti-inflammatory, Adaptogen, antioxidant. Contains triterpenoid saponins which help to improve alertness, reduce anger and lower anxiety. 

Rhodiola: Adaptogenic, Nootropic, Anti-inflammatory. Contains rosavin and salidroside which help to reduce stress and alleviate physical and mental fatigue. It may also help with depression.

White Peony: Nootropic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Contains powerful ECGC's, and L-Theanine, which help boost mental focus, energy and mood. The neuroprotective properties help fight free radicals and oxidative stress, which may also help improve immunity.

Ashwagantha: Adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting. Helps the body manage stress and anxiety, reduces cortisol and blood sugar levels, and restores the body & mind.

Panax Ginseng & Siberian Ginseng: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, Adaptogen, Nootropic. Contain eleutherosides, ginsenosides and gintonin, which may help improve immunity, boost brain function, reduce mental fatigue, and promote calm and focus.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Ingredients: Organic Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Leaf, Organic Camellia Sinensis (White Peony) Green Tea Leaf, Organic Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Peel, Organic Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root, Organic Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Leaf, Organic Rhodiola Rosea (Rhodiola) Root, Organic Withania Somnifera (Ashwagantha) Root, Organic Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian Ginseng) Root, Organic Schisandra Chinensis (Schisandra) Berry, Organic Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo) Leaf, Organic Panax Ginseng (Red Ginseng) Root


Some ingredients were packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and other potential allergens.


Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing or on any medication, always consult with your doctor before trying any new curative herbal products.

    Clear glass jar made from 100% renewable material. 
    How to dispose: Reusable and recyclable glass (where glass recycling is available).

    Lid: Cork stopper lid.
    How to dispose: Not recyclable. Keep and reuse (sterilize before reusing). May also be disposed at Cork Forest Conservation Alliance bins & Ridwell bins

    Label: Compostable, recyclable, white FSC paper
    How to dispose: Peel off and compost or recycle. Composting standards: ASTM D6400, BPI, CMA, EN 13432, Cedar Grove