Shoukang Herbals

Item Description

The Shoukang Fei Breathflow blend traditional Chinese herbs designed to support the health of your lungs by boosting immune system functioning and strengthening the respiratory system.  Since your respiratory system allows your body to bring in oxygen and rid itself of toxins, as well as help you talk, effective respiratory support through traditional herbs can help you breathe easy, calm cough, and even relax your vocal cords.

A practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) isn’t interested in trying to suppress the cough. Instead, we’re interested in finding the underlying causes of the issue and eradicating it from the body. When the body is operating optimally, the lungs are capable of descending qi. It’s the harmony of the lungs that determines whether or not defensive qi (or energy) is strong enough to protect the body’s surface. 

When this process is impeded, problems such as coughing and shortness of breath arise. Fei Breathflow is intended to solve these underlying issues by promoting healthy lungs and providing sufficient strength while simultaneously helping with wet and dry coughs.